Erik Barajas
Erik Barajas joined KTRK-TV's 13 Eyewitness News in March 2008.

A true Texas journalist, Erik has worked as an anchor and a reporter all over the state. He came to Houston from KSAT 12 in San Antonio where he was a weekend anchor and reporter for four years.

His television career began in Corpus Christi, Texas at KZTV 10 where he wore several hats. He worked as a news photographer, reporter, producer and anchor. He says his involvement in all those different positions helped give him an understanding and perspective of the challenges it takes to produce the news. He later moved to Austin, Texas and to KTBC Fox 7 to be that station's weekend anchor and reporter.

One of the most notable stories Erik covered has been the crash of the space shuttle Columbia on the borders of Texas and Louisiana. Erik has also traveled to Louisiana to cover the Gulf Oil spill, and he reported from Austin, Texas, to cover President Barack Obama's visit there.

He says working in Houston at KTRK-TV is "a true blessing" because he can do what he does for a living "in front of family and friends". He adds, "Staying in Texas throughout my career, thus far has been eye opening in terms of really getting to know the state on a deeper level and realizing just how diverse this state really is."

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Erik Barajas goes to the gym every day to clear his mind.

Erik is married. He and his wife have two young boys and are very happy to be back in their hometown.

If you have a story idea for Erik, please email him at

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