Planters kills off Mr. Peanut in Super Bowl ad campaign
Mr. Peanut "sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most," Planters said.
Eli Manning to announce retirement on Friday: New York Giants
The New York Giants have announced that quarterback Eli Manning will announce his retirement later this week after a 16-year career.
Coronavirus kills 17 in China; US has 1 confirmed case by CDC
The city of Wuhan is shutting down outbound flights and trains as the country battles the spread of a new virus that has sickened hundreds and killed 17.
Cold-stunned iguanas falling from Florida trees
Temperatures are dropping so low in South Florida that iguanas are falling from trees.
Teens killed in crash after allegedly playing ding-dong-ditch
Three teens were killed after they apparently played a prank on a man who allegedly chased them and rammed his vehicle into theirs.
How Star of Hope helped 110 homeless men get off streets
Everyday, Kenneth Eakins drives the "Love in Action" van and delivers items like water and blankets to homeless people.
Recording studio owner arrested in teen trafficking case
The man known as "Big Face Tulu" peacefully surrendered, according to the sheriff's office.
Private school coach accused of threatening principal with gun
He apparently wasn't happy with a recommendation the school's principal gave him, so he showed up with a handgun, authorities said.
New 2-story H-E-B in Meyerland to open next week
Texans can't Texas without H-E-B!
Weinstein trial opens, prosecutors portray producer as predator
Harvey Weinstein went on trial Wednesday in a landmark moment for the # MeToo movement, with prosecutors painting him as a sexual predator who used his movie-magnate stature to abuse women for decades, while his lawyers sought to discredit his accusers and portray the encounters as consensual.
New fraudulent text message claims to contain FedEx package information
FedEx customers are being urged to not click a link or reply to a fraudulent text about a package delivery.
Lessons from the Clinton impeachment: Former House managers recall their experiences
ABC News interviewed some former House Republicans who served as managers in the Clinton impeachment trial and they vividly recalled the experience.
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