Driver sends warning after hit-and-run turns into shooting in south Houston: 'Don't follow them'

Friday, August 27, 2021
Houston driver sends warning after hit-and-run turns into shooting
One minute, she's realizing she's been hit, and the next, she's dodging bullets. Now, she wants you to do one thing: do not follow aggressive drivers.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston woman is issuing a strong warning to the community after a hit-and-run escalated into a shooting on Tuesday.

Veronica Delgado said she had to run a quick errand Tuesday evening and was driving on the South Loop East, trying to merge for the exit onto I-45.

Delgado said as she was merging, a driver, who she claims was driving too fast, hit the back of her vehicle and then kept driving.

"[The vehicle] swiped me, so my first thought was to call my boyfriend and I was like, 'A car just hit me!' and just hysterically telling him a car hit me. He was like, 'Did you take a picture? Take a picture!' So my first thought was, 'I'm going to go follow this car.'"

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She said as she was trying to catch up with the vehicle, she noticed there was a couple in the 2002 silver Toyota Corolla.

She was able to take a picture of the car, but it wasn't clear enough to see the license plate number.

"When I looked at my rear view mirror, I realized they were behind me," Delgado said. "When they were behind me, they started shooting.

Delgado said at that point, the two vehicles were already on the Broadway overpass.

She said the suspect was sitting in the passenger seat and kept shooting as Delgado was trying to find a place to pull over.

"I just thought I'm going to die here and my kids are going to be without parents," Delgado said. She was finally able to call 911.

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The Houston Police Department confirmed the police report and told ABC13 if the suspect is found, he could be facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Delgado said she believes the suspect shot at her four times. She said a bullet hit the back of her windshield.

"The officer told me that as many times as he shot, and where that bullet hole is, [the suspect] was aiming to kill me," Delgado said.

She said she just wants to warn the community about the couple, which she said includes the unidentified woman who was seen driving the Corolla while the suspect was shooting from the passenger seat.

Delgado said there was visible damage to the front bumper of the car. Fortunately, Delgado was not physically injured during the incident.

"He didn't hesitate to do it," Delgado said. "He could do it to anybody, and so I want people to be alert and also don't follow [aggressive drivers]."

AAA has tips on how to keep you and your family safe, by avoiding aggressive drivers.

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