Widow looking for justice after husband's workplace death in Harris County 2 months ago

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Saturday, November 5, 2022
Woman asking for answers after husband's work death 2 months ago
Hugo Camanar's 70-year-old coworker is accused of killing him but claimed self-defense after an alleged quarrel over loose dogs around the business.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Nearly two months after her husband's shooting death at his workplace, a Houston woman says she still doesn't have many answers.

Hugo Canamar, 28, was shot at GSD Scrap in northeast Harris County, allegedly by his co-worker.

ORGINAL STORY: A 28-year-old business manager shot and killed by 70-year-old man after confrontation, HCSO says

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says a grand jury is currently reviewing the case, which will decide whether charges will be filed against the 70-year-old man who's accused of pulling the trigger./

While that's going on, Canamar's family is left heartbroken.

"I want justice for him," the widow said.

September 24 is a day Mariah Salinas says she will never forget. That's when she got a message from her husband's co-worker, saying there had been an accident, and she needed to get up to South Lake Houston Parkway immediately.

When she arrived at GSD Scrap, she said everything was blocked off, and she was told her husband's co-worker had shot him.

"How it happened, what led up to what happened. I don't know anything. He shot him at approximately maybe 10, 12 feet away," Salinas explained.

The part Salinas says she's confused about is how the shooter says he shot in self-defense because Hugo pulled a gun, but she also was allegedly told by deputies that Hugo's gun was still in his holster.

She describes him as a generous, vibrant jokester and "her person." The alleged shooter has been terminated from GSD, but Salinas says she wants accountability.

"Not only did he take my husband away. He took a brother, a friend, and a son, a father. I mean. I don't know if they expect me just to sweep it under the rug. It happened. Just let it go, but that's not the case here."

Salinas has filed a lawsuit against her husband's company over the shooting. The owner says he couldn't say much due to the legal matter and deferred Eyewitness News to his attorney.

There has been no response.

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