A 28-year-old business manager shot and killed by 70-year-old man after confrontation, HCSO says

ByDerrick Lewis KTRK logo
Sunday, September 25, 2022
A 28-year-old business manager shot and killed
Investigators say the the 70-year-old man told them that he went to tell the manager about several loose dogs surrounding the business.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Harris County Sheriff's Office is working to determine what led to a 70-year-old man shooting and killing a 28-year-old manager at a business in northeast Harris County.

Deputies arrived at a local pipe and steel company on 7135 South Lake Houston Parkway after a call reporting that the manager had been shot.

"The manager was pronounced deceased. He was found in what we are calling the yard of the business," said Sergeant Dennis Wolfford of the HCSO's homicide division.

Investigators are working to put the pieces together on what led to the shooting. They say shortly before 2:40 p.m. Saturday, the 70-year-old man told them he noticed several loose dogs near the business.

"He was going into the office to tell the manager about the dogs, and he says when he went in, the manager started to pull a gun from a holster, and that's when he shot him out of fear that the manager was about to shoot him," Sgt. Wolfford said.

Sgt. Wolfford said that the shooter is claiming self-defense after shooting the manager once, killing him.

Investigators say that witnesses observed the 70-year-old man, who lives on the property, walking away from the victim, concealing a handgun.

"It's a very traumatic incident, especially for the family of the deceased individual that's arrived here," Wolfford said.

"They are upset obviously when you let them know that the person who killed their loved one is not going to be taken to jail."

The sheriff's office is working with evidence they recovered from the scene.

"There was a second gun recovered at the scene, so we're going to continue to investigate and try to corroborate what the 70-year-old man says or disprove what he says," Wolfford said.

This case has been referred to a grand jury. Anyone with information is asked to call the HCSO Homicide Unit at 713-274-9100.