'He's a statistic now': Mother of law student killed by police says she has no answers 1 year later

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Saturday, April 8, 2023
Mother of law student killed by HPD officer 1 year ago has no answers
Charion Lockett's mother is speaking to ABC13 after learning the officer who shot and killed her son fatally wounded a second person 15 months later.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston Police Department officer who shot and killed a serial armed robbery suspect on Wednesday has been identified as the subject of a federal lawsuit into another police shooting.

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HPD confirmed that Officer Devin Inocencio shot and killed a 27-year-old aspiring law student, Charion Lockett, in February 2022.

The North Houston home Shanetta Lewis shared with her son, Cherion Lockett, still looks almost exactly like it did on February 7 last year.

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Photos of him and study materials covered a desk, but bullet holes were still all over the walls, front door, and garage.

"He's just a statistic now," Lewis said. "He's another Black man that's gunned down by police every day."

Police said they were attempting to arrest Lockett on an armed robbery warrant, which the family says never should have been issued.

Lockett had no criminal history and had earned both bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice.

Body camera video from the incident in February 2022 shows Officer Inocencio and other Houston police officers pulling up on her street.

The video is unclear, but HPD is to have said that Lockett shot first.

Lockett's family filed a federal lawsuit, alleging police shot first and never identified themselves.

Fewer than 15 months later, Officer Inocencio is back in the news for another police shooting.

On Wednesday, police said the officer shot and killed a young man they said ran toward him with a pistol. He had been accused of repeatedly robbing a Krazy Dollar Store on Veterans Memorial Drive near Broad Haven Drive.

Authorities have not identified the suspect.

"My heart dropped because all I could think about was the day he shot my son down," Lewis said.

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Citing pending lawsuits, Houston police won't say much about Officer Inocencio or policy.

But officials have confirmed he's on leave due to a standard investigation into Wednesday's shooting.

Inocencio is part of the agency's Crime Suppression Team, which targets violent offenders.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office said it can't confirm whether Lockett's case ever went to a grand jury.

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Eyewitness News is still working to confirm the status of his family's federal lawsuit.

"What if this had happened to your child? Would you have wanted the city of Houston to take that long to take care of the matter? If he would have killed a policeman, then they would have been indicting him right now, but because they killed a Black male, it's just pushed to the side," Lewis said.

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