Kevin Roth
Kevin Roth joined the ABC13 weather team in March of 2020. Before moving to Houston he worked four years as a morning meteorologist for EyeOpener TV, a nationally syndicated show out of Dallas, where he was voted "Dallas' favorite weatherman." He has past experience in severe weather markets throughout the southern US including Shreveport, Louisiana and Greenville, Mississippi, making him a perfect fit for us here in Houston. Kevin has also proudly pioneered meteorology into the sports world, bringing a blend of weather forecasting and sports knowledge to The Weather Channel, Sirius XM, MLB Network and more.

Kevin has a Master's Degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University and a Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association.

When Kevin isn't "radar-watching" for afternoon thunderstorms, he enjoys breakin' ankles on the basketball court and reading a good fantasy book (the nerdier the better). Kevin is an avid traveler and loves to explore new cultures, with some recent highlights including Egypt, Japan, Morocco, and the Amazon Rainforest. Kevin lives in Spring Branch with his wife Emily, and his "good boy" dog Remy... who is probably currently eating a sock.

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