Here's a closer look at winter's frost flowers with ABC13 meteorologist Kevin Roth

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Monday, February 7, 2022
ABC13 meteorologist Kevin Roth explains the phenomenon of frost flowers
Have you ever heard of a frost flower? An ABC13 viewer shared some pretty cool photos with meteorologist Kevin Roth, and it turns out there's a scientific explanation behind them.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Over the last couple of mornings, ABC13 meteorologist Kevin Roth has received some great photos of frost flowers from Eyewitness News viewer, Terry Rutt, in Stagecoach.

While they are undeniably beautiful, you might have some questions about what a frost flower is and how it forms.

Frost flowers form on days when the air temperature has dipped below freezing, but the ground temperature remains slightly above the freezing mark.

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The ground naturally stays warmer than the air, so the root system of plants can stay active even in freezing weather, pumping water through the stem of the plant.

As that water leaves the warm ground, climbs the stem, and reaches the sub-freezing, it freezes and expands, splitting the stem.

The process continues, with more water being pumped upwards through the stems, freezing and expanding. This creates the beautiful patterns of frozen flowers.

View more photos of the frost flowers!

Over the last couple of mornings, ABC13's meteorologist Kevin Roth has received some great photos of frost flowers one of our viewers.

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