Wild video shows moment 2 HCSO deputies shoot a 'dozen' times at woman's home in E. Harris County

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Woman allegedly shot 7 times by deputies was mistaken for intruder
HCSO deputies fired 17 times at a woman, striking her seven times after reportedly mistaking her for an intruder, her attorney said.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Questions are being raised if two Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies followed protocol after a woman was mistaken for a burglar and shot inside her home on Uvalde Road.

The shooting happened at the Pines of Woodforest Apartments in the Cloverleaf area at about 2:10 a.m. Saturday. According to HCSO, deputies responded to a call regarding a possible burglary in the area, but an intruder was not found.

As deputies were still on the scene, a resident who spoke to ABC13 said he thought he heard another break-in happening above him and flagged the deputies to investigate.

HCSO said the responding deputies noticed a smashed window and announced their presence when a 28-year-old woman, allegedly holding a gun, walked towards them, causing both to fire their weapons 17 times.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Deputies shoot armed woman, not the intruder, while responding to burglary in Cloverleaf, HCSO says

Minutes later, another woman walked downstairs with her hands in the air, saying she lived there.

"Don't shoot. I live here. I live here. I live here," the woman is heard saying on video captured at the scene. "This is my home. I live here. Please don't shoot."

ABC13 spoke with an anonymous witness, who said they heard several gunshots.

"They are standing there and said, 'This is the police.' Out of nowhere, I hear them scream something, and they start shooting," the witness said.

The injured woman had been shot multiple times. It was learned that the injured party did reside in the apartment with her girlfriend and were not intruders, HCSO said.

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Authorities said the women had forgotten their keys and had to break through the window.

The woman, who was struck by seven bullets, plans to fight back and hired attorney Ben Crump, who has represented several high-profile cases.

"What were the proper procedures here?" Director of Litigation Paul Grinke, who spoke to ABC13 about their client, said. "Surely, the answer is it's not OK to shoot someone in their own home, with their doors closed."

According to her attorney, the woman was shot seven times but is OK and now recovering at home.

"I can tell you my client says they had locked themselves out of their apartment, they broke a window to let themselves in," Grinke said. " They went and closed the door. They were in the very back room, getting ready for bed. While they heard aggressive knocking, they did not hear anyone as police officers."

Both officers were placed on administrative leave, according to HCSO, which is standard for officer-involved shootings. The case is also being referred to a grand jury, which is standing in officer-involved shootings.

"She was in her own home, in her living room, with a weapon pointed down at the floor and without any further warning or instruction that, 'This is the police, we are sheriffs deputies, drop the gun,' the officers immediately opened fire through the closed door," Grinke said.

The sheriff's office told ABC13 that one deputy has been with the agency for four years and the other for one year. ABC13 requested personnel files for the two deputies.

Grinke believes the deputies acted way too fast and should have assessed the situation before firing their weapons.

"Backed up, said, 'We see there is a broken window, a suspected robbery. There are two of us deputies, let's call in for more help, let's surround the building and understand the gravity of the situation. Are there children inside? Are there other innocent people inside?' Gosh, before we start shooting bullets through a closed door, maybe we make sure there is not a hostage inside," Grinke said.

Per HCSO policy, the sheriff's office said body camera footage will be released within 45 days.

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