Chaz Miller
Chaz Miller joined ABC13 as an assignment editor in 2015 and became a community journalist in February 2019.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Chaz spent time as a producer, shooter, and editor at various Houston stations before joining KTRK. As a young kid, he took an interest in broadcasting by listening to Milo Hamilton announce Astros games. In fact, Chaz's greatest talent in junior high and high school was finding ways to sneak his radio into class for day baseball games.

As an adult, Chaz loves covering Houston's unique people and places and is always looking for a good story that highlights the uniqueness of our community!

A native of Friendswood, Chaz currently lives in Pearland with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and an irritable cat. In his spare time, he enjoys running, watching sports and listening to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

Chaz's Stories
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