Chaz Miller
Chaz Miller joined ABC13 as an assignment editor in 2015 and became a community journalist in February 2019.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Chaz spent time as a producer, shooter, and editor at various Houston stations before joining KTRK. As a young kid, he took an interest in broadcasting by listening to Milo Hamilton announce Astros games. In fact, Chaz's greatest talent in junior high and high school was finding ways to sneak his radio into class for day baseball games.

As an adult, Chaz loves covering Houston's unique people and places and is always looking for a good story that highlights the uniqueness of our community!

A native of Friendswood, Chaz has a son and a daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys running, watching sports and listening to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

Chaz's Stories
Houston officials vote to require permit for outdoor music events if attendance is 500 or greater
This amendment aims to help guide pop-up music events that leave the city scrambling to keep them under control.
Texas lawmaker files bill to require ratings on school books: 'This isn't setting (books) on fire'
The bill would require publishers to rate books, similar to how movies are rated. A lawmaker said this would be easy for libraries to identify what's safe or unsafe for kids to read.
'Their lives matter': Advocate answers 3 questions about abuse in domestic relationships
"Why are you hurting the person you say you love?" That's one question that domestic violence advocate, Jamie Wright, would ask an abuser.
Hundreds of churches plan to disaffiliate with United Methodist Church
Same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ rights are some of the factors that have played a role in the movement, in which more than 200 Methodist churches are looking to participate.
H-E-B food giveaway: Retailer giving back to community as 'inflation hasn't been friendly'
Food giveaways across Houston have seen long lines this season, as higher prices are forcing Houstonians to make difficult spending decisions.
ERCOT acknowledges possibility of rolling blackouts this winter in 'extreme risk scenarios'
Although officials say they're "better prepared than ever," there is still a chance of blackouts in extreme risk scenarios.
Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith's take on UH, Texans being on polar opposites
H-Town is in interesting times as sports fans take the good with the very, very bad. Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith breaks it all down.
'Please come forward': Mother of man killed in NW Harris County crash hopes for answers
The parents of a man killed in a car accident last weekend are asking for help, as they say the wrong-way driver who caused that wreck is still on the run.
Has COVID-19 become commonplace like the flu? Dr. Hotez says not yet
Texas is cutting back on some reporting of COVID and vaccine data, but one expert says that move may hurt us.
Survey shows Houstonians are expected to spend nearly $1,600 per household this holiday season
Even though 42% of Houstonians said they're currently in a worse financial situation than in 2021, the survey found they plan to spend 14% more. Here's why.