Biggio gives invaluable 'hall of fame' expertise to Houston Astros players

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (KTRK) -- While the faces and names change season to season at spring training, the Houston Astros have at least one constant.

Craig Biggio, whose name and credentials have become legendary in Houston baseball lore, donned a cap and uniform Tuesday to kick off another spring training appearance. He says he's made it to the preseason training ground for more than three decades now.

Since his retirement in 2007, Biggio has taken on the mentor role to the younger hitters, especially his contemporary at second base, Jose Altuve.

"I guess I'm a lifer when it comes to Houston Astro baseball and I love it," Biggio said. "I love our guys. And as I just get excited for George (Springer) and Jose and the older guys, I get excited for the guys in their first year in camp, remembering what it was like walking into a big league clubhouse for the first time."

And there's no better player that the young 'Stros can learn from. For his 19-season career, he averaged .281 batting while collecting 3,060 hits and 1,175 RBIs.

Biggio also expressed excitement for his son Cavan, who is getting the rub at Blue Jays spring training.


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