Autism support agency in Houston celebrates Autism Acceptance Month with inclusive Field Day event

Saturday, April 27, 2024
Houston-based autism support agency hosts inclusive Field Day event for Autism Acceptance Month
To wrap up Autism Acceptance Month, Houston-based autism support agency, Avondale House, hosted a field day event.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- April is designated as Autism Acceptance Month. It serves as a period to celebrate neurodiversity and advance inclusivity.

To help wrap up the meaningful month, Avondale House hosted an event that many of us can relate to-- a field day.

Avondale House is the only agency in the greater Houston area that serves individuals with moderate to severe autism throughout their lifetime.

More than 60 students and program participants took part in relay races, basketball, and bowling. Talos Energy sponsored the event.

"Field Day is a great example of the type of services we provide," CEO of Avondale House, Steve Vetrano, told ABC13. "It is important to ensure our program participants have activities the general public would participate in. Exercise and movement are very important for everyone, of course, but very important for those with moderate to severe autism."

"Our focus areas are children, health, education, and environment," Eunice Osorio of Talos Energy said. "When we found out about Avondale House, that was right up our alley."

More than a dozen employees from Talos Energy volunteered at Avondale House's Field Day event.

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