Widow seeks closure after husband shot and killed while leaving Bombshells near Gulf Freeway

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Wife seeks closure after husband shot, killed while leaving Bombshells
Jaime Torres's widow searches for closure after his body was found near the Gulf Freeway, and police say he was kicked out of Bombshells.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man shot and killed outside a popular sports bar in southeast Houston over the weekend has been identified by relatives as 26-year-old Jaime Torres. He was a husband and a father of four. Someone shot him multiple times as he was leaving Bombshells off the Gulf Freeway in the early hours of Sunday morning.

His widow, Arlinda Mendoza, said she hasn't figured out how to explain what happened to their kids. The oldest two are five, and the youngest is only 10 months. Meanwhile, Houston police are searching for Torres' killer and his missing pickup truck.

"He was too good of a person to get taken away so quick, so cowardly," Mendoza said.

Flowers and candles sit at the spot along the Gulf Freeway where someone found Jaime Torres after he'd been shot multiple times. His wife wouldn't find out what happened until she noticed he never came home and came across news articles about a deadly shooting at Bombshells.

"I see the picture of the license plate. That's when I lost it," she said. "I started screaming loud and panicking. I fell to the ground."

HPD released a picture of Torres' missing 2016 black Chevy Silverado. It was in the parking lot near Bombshells, where he and two friends were hanging out. Investigators said Torres was overserved and asked to leave.

Mendoza doesn't understand why his friends let him go alone.

"Both his friends saw him walk out and didn't bother to walk him to his truck. That's where my anger comes in," she said.

That emotion was coupled with frustration over a lack of answers that would explain what happened to a man described as fun-loving and family oriented.

"He's not here. It's not going to bring him back, but the least we can do is find out what happened," she said.

Police hope someone there on that busy night will come forward with helpful information. Bombshells also confirmed they turned over surveillance video to investigators that they would not share with Eyewitness News.

Mendoza said she's hopeful these clues will lead her family toward closure as they prepare for an unexpected funeral.

They created a GoFundMe to collect donations to help with the expenses.

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A man's body was found with gunshot wounds near the feeder of the Gulf Freeway after being kicked out of a Bombshells restaurant, Houston police say.