Woman who shot man in head on Facebook Live released from prison early

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Facebook Live shooter is expected to be released from prison early
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Family upset after woman who shot Devyn Holmes on Facebook live gets early release.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After serving six months of her 10-year sentence, Cassandra Damper was released from TDCJ on shock probation and is now serving the remainder of her sentence at home.

Damper was sentenced to serve 10 years for an aggravated assault count and five years for a tampering with evidence charge. She pleaded guilty in August to the counts after the April 2018 shooting of Devyn Holmes.

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Damper was to serve the sentences concurrently.

A judge ruled in favor of granting the shock probation earlier this month after Damper's attorney, Monique Sparks, filed a motion. A hearing was held in May.

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Damper began her sentence on Dec. 18. 2019 and was released on Thursday, June 18, exactly six months later.

According to court records, the terms of her probation include visits with a community supervisor, drug and alcohol testing, travel restrictions and 10,000 hours of community service.

The judge also ordered $50,000 in restitution be paid to Holmes.

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Damper must also stay employed or attend school full-time.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office released the following statement following the judge's decision to grant shock probation.

"Cassandra Damper shot 26-year-old Devyn Holmes and tried to wash the gunshot residue off her hands. For that, the Harris County District Attorney's Office prosecuted her for aggravated assault and tampering with evidence."

The statement continued, saying, "As prosecutors argued in court, even though Ms. Damper pleaded guilty, she has never taken full responsibility for her actions, including shifting blame and minimizing her actions. We argued against freeing Ms. Damper, who is just six months into a 10-year prison sentence, but we respect the decision by Judge McClure."

Holmes was shot in the head while he, Damper and another man were inside a vehicle streaming to Facebook. Holmes survived, but has had to undergo rigorous rehab since then.

ABC13 spoke with Holmes' mother earlier this month, who said she is devastated by the judge's decision.

"If it was his child, then would she be out?" she asked. "That's how he needs to think about it. If it was his child, would you give her six months? Because I doubt it."

Earlier this month, Sparks praised the judge's decision saying, "I don't consider this a 'get out of jail free' card. How I consider this is this is a judge coming up with other means outside of just incarceration. He is using all the tools in his box to apply justice in this case. He can make her conditions whatever he wants them to be and can change them at any time he wants to."

On the stand last year, Damper confessed, "I shot Devyn," while recounting what happened on April 1, 2018. She also read a letter in court addressed to Holmes, expressing remorse, sorrow and sympathy for what he's gone through.

"Please know how sorry I am during this tough time," Damper read. "I cannot imagine what you are going through or what you are feeling since this tragic accident. There is no amount of anything I can give you. It has hurt me even more to be unable to assist or be by your side during this recovery process."

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Damper was in state prison for nearly six months.


Woman pleads guilty to shooting man in the head inside car while on Facebook Live

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