18-year-old killed Pearland man, then planned to steal 2 associates' car to get away, filings read

Friday, August 5, 2022
Pair carjacked 2 men to skip town after Pearland murder, documents say
Court documents reveal 18-year-old Evan Redmond committed a Pearland murder and then killed two acquaintances to steal their car as part of a getaway.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Court records show two men have confessed to their roles in three murders in the span of six hours.

Houston police say 18-year-old Evan Scott Redmond and 19-year-old Camren Johnson plotted to rob two alleged drug dealers so Redmond would have money and a getaway car to escape town after committing a murder just hours earlier.

The confessions read aloud in court confirm the connection between the murder of Pearland teen Nathan Alaniz at his grandparent's home and two subsequent murders at a gas station off Fuqua and Monroe in southeast Houston.

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That's where 20-year-old Joshua Daniel Perkins and a friend were also shot and killed.

Redmond, police say, confessed to killing Alaniz on Sunday, July 31.

Redmond described Alaniz as his number one drug dealer and says he killed him while trying to buy a gun from him. Redmond then called his best friend Johnson to plan his escape.

The two told police they decided to meet two other men, who were also described as drug dealers, at the gas station later that night to scam them and steal their car.

"The co-defendant confirmed that he was assisting this defendant to get a new ride and some money, so this defendant could leave town to avoid being caught for the previous murder," a court employee read aloud.

Redmond got inside a white Mercedes driven by Perkins and shot both Perkins and his passenger, police said.

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Perkins ran inside the gas station store, but later died at a hospital.

Police say that's when Redmond jumped into the driver's seat and took off, stealing the Mercedes with the injured passenger still in the car.

"This defendant stole complainant number one's motor vehicle with complainant number two dying in the front passenger seat," a court employee read.

Police say Redmond eventually pushed the third dying victim out of the car on Pearland Parkway.

That victim, a 22-year-old man, has not yet been identified.

Houston police quickly found the white Mercedes and tried to pull it over. They say Redmond crashed the car and surrendered.

Both suspects are now facing three felony murder charges across two counties. The charges carry a possible death penalty.

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