Only On 13: Witness says deputies used Taser on teen after chase with stolen car in N. Harris Co.

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Friday, March 24, 2023
Chase ends when teen crashes stolen car into N. Harris Co. home
A minor was arrested after leading a chase in a car deputies said was stolen from a woman who was carjacked at a Cypress Station apartment complex the day before.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A teenager was arrested after a police chase in a stolen car near Cypress Station on Thursday, according to deputies.

Harris County sheriff's deputies said the car the young suspect was driving was stolen from a woman who was carjacked at an apartment complex the day before.

The high-speed chase ended when deputies said the driver crashed into a home in north Harris County.

Only ABC13 spoke to the woman who lives at the home and saw it all unfold.

Video from the scene shows the suspect in handcuffs after the chase ended. His face is blurred in the footage because deputies say he is a minor.

"My brother is saying, 'Oh I think I hear something.' So he goes outside and looks through the side door and he's like, 'Oh it's a chase! It's a high-speed chase,'" Labraun Early said.

They ran outside, and that's when Early said the car hit her family's home.

"After he parked right there he got out of the car and he tried to hop the fence," Early said. "I believe the police officers tased him to get him off the fence. And once they got him off the fence, they put him in the back of the car."

The sheriff's office said the suspect was driving a stolen car tied to a carjacking from the day before.

Around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, a 29-year-old woman called deputies and said someone pulled her out of her red Mazda at an apartment complex at 910 Cypress Station Drive and then took off.

When deputies noticed the stolen car on Thursday, a short chase ensued before it ended at Cali Drive and Rusty Leaf Drive.

"It was really chaotic. EMS pulled up and everything," Early said. "Police officers lined all down the street around the corner, like I said, there was a police officer right here."

Deputies haven't said if the carjacking was armed, but Early said she saw deputies pull a mask and a gun out of the car.

Since he's a minor, the suspect was taken to the juvenile detention center. Deputies did not say exactly how old he is.

"He could have hit someone. He could have hurt someone. Anything could have happened," Early said. "Thank God we weren't in the front."

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