Did you know you can overfill your gas tank? Here are 10 ways to save at the pump

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Thursday, June 9, 2022
Here's how high gas prices could go and when they should drop
Politicians and some drivers are calling for domestic oil production to ease the pain at the pump.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Changing your driving habits may help save you at the pump. The American Automobile Association has these 10 tips.

The video above is from a previous report.

In February, AAA shared tricks drivers can utilize to maximize your miles per gallon. We've seen gas prices rise about a quarter a week in March.

The nationwide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded reached $4 in March and has reached an average of $4.97 as of June, according to AAA.

These gas-saving tips are still needed months later as energy experts believe higher gas prices could last through 2022. Eyewitness News highlighted 10 out of the 38 ways AAA says you can save at the pump.

Did you know you can overfill your gas tank? You can avoid the spill and waste by never filling the gas tank past the first "click" of the fuel nozzle.

After filling up, make sure the gas cap clicks three times to make sure it's is properly sealed so fuel won't vaporize.

Slow down! AAA says gas milage usually decreases rapidly over 60 mph and driving at a consistent speed will help you not waste fuel. So, take advantage of your cruise control!

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Plus, traffic lights are generally timed for your motoring advantage, according to AAA. By traveling steadily at the legal speed limit, you better your chances of passing more green lights throughout your trip.

This also goes without saying; avoid tailgating. The driver in front of you could be unpredictable, making you brake or speed up more than necessary. Plus, it's dangerous.

AAA says dirt and gravel can cost you up to 30% of your gas mileage, so avoid driving along rough roads whenever possible.

Extra weight your engine has to pull can waste gas. For those of you that have heavy, large sport-utility vehicles and minivans, one of the simplest gas-saving tips is to remove unneeded third-row seating,, including those that weigh over 100 pounds.

Track your mileage in real-time. You may know what your consumption looks like from tank to tank, but knowing the mileage you're getting in real time and comparing it to what you got yesterday is one of the most useful gas-saving tips you can practice.

AAA says operating the air conditioner on the maximum level can reduce your miles per gallon by 5% to 25%, compared to not using it. AAA suggests parking your car in the shade so you won't have to keep the AC working as hard. Turn off the air conditioning five minutes before you reach your destination.

Back into parking spots so that when you leave, you can pull straight forward rather than wasting fuel on pivoting and reversing. It's a minor step, but worth putting on a gas-saving tips list!

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