2 men charged with murder in deaths of couple who were gunned down in front of home in 2019

The deaths of Ramiro and Rosalba Reyes were featured on 13 Unsolved and detectives say it may have been case of mistaken identity

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Friday, September 10, 2021
13 UNSOLVED: 3 killers suspected in double murder of grandparents
A grieving daughter says she will never stop looking for the people who murdered her parents. They will be caught, she says, but she needs your help.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been nearly two years since Ramiro and Rosalba (who also goes by Rosalva) Reyes, grandparents in their 60s, were shot to death in front of their northwest Houston home. Now, two men have been charged with their murders.

We first told you about the Reyes' case on 13 Unsolved, showing you exclusive surveillance video of the alleged killers firing several shots then driving off into the night. Now, detectives say they tracked down the two men in that video.

"I just cried an I felt relief because I know they're not going to hurt any more families like they hurt my family," said Lizette Villarreal, the couple's granddaughter.

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A spokesperson with the Harris County Sheriff's Office confirms Louis Santee, 22, and Christian Cavazos,19, are charged with capital murder. A detective tells Eyewitness News this is a case of mistaken identity. The accused shooters are tied to a violent street gang, court records say.

According to investigators, on Sept. 25, 2019, the killers followed the Reyes' purple Dodge Charger as they pulled onto Francitas Drive. The couple was coming home from the hospital around 1:30 a.m. after Rosalba's mother passed away.

Detectives said Santee and Cavazos mistook their Charger for someone else's car -- their intended target.

Rosalba was in the front passenger seat of the Charger, her sister was in the back, and her niece was driving. Ramiro was following close behind in his green pickup truck.

As gunfire rang out, Ramiro was parking his truck in front of the Charger. When he rushed to his wife's side, he was also shot.

On Wednesday, detectives tell ABC13 that Santee and Cavazos thought the purple Charger belonged to a Houston rapper and rival gang member, who goes by the name of Cashout Ace, or someone who may have known him.

Last week, Santee and Cavazos were two of four people charged with shooting and killing two people and hurting seven others, including Cashout Ace, when they showed up to his music video shoot.

According to court records, when being questioned about the music video shooting, one of the four suspects gave a statement on the Reyeses murders, exposing how cold hearted it was.

He told detectives when Santee and Cavazos saw news coverage and realized the wrong people were shot "they were not upset" because they had thought they killed Cashout Ace's grandparents "so they were happy with what they had done."

The music video shooting happened in December 2019, three months after Villarreal's grandparents were murdered.

"I think having faith is very important. I had faith they were going to pay and that day came," Villarreal said.

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Prosecutors described the suspects as dangerous gang members who have been tied to a long list of other crimes in the span of three years.

"It's hard to differentiate at what point it stopped being about music and more about murder," said Chris Handley, the chief prosecutor of the Organized Crime Division at the Harris County District Attorney's Office, during an interview with ABC13 last week.

Court records say the gang that Santee and Cavazos are tied to is linked to at least 54 violent crimes over a three-year period. They are allegedly responsible for committing murders, shootings, aggravated assaults and more.

"We hope today, and with the cases filed, it's the first step to tell this gang, 'You can't get away with everything. You will be held accountable,'" said Handley.

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