Warrant issued for arrest of ex-boyfriend wanted in kidnapping, shooting death of Pasadena woman

Police are searching for Daniel Chacon in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend Maira Gutierrez.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Warrant issued for ex-boyfriend wanted in death of Pasadena woman
Police are searching for Daniel Chacon in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend Maira Gutierrez.

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- A day after a woman was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint in Pasadena and later found dead in Houston, police have named her ex-boyfriend as a suspect.

"Maira (Gutierrez) did not deserve this," her ex-husband, Jimmy Puente, said. "(Gutierrez) was a great person. A great, beautiful person."

Investigators in both cities are trying to track down 30-year-old Daniel Chacon, who police identified on Tuesday as a suspect in Maira Gutierrez's homicide and aggravated kidnapping.

Police confirmed witnesses called in Monday morning, saying they saw Chacon forcing Gutierrez into her own SUV outside his home in Pasadena. Police found the SUV Monday evening, with her body inside of it. Police said she died from a gunshot wound.

Records show Chacon has a history of violence against women in Harris County dating back to 2012. He was convicted twice in the past of assaulting his former common-law wife and once for violating a protective order.

He shares three children with her. Her family said they are not speaking out publicly in order to protect them.

Daniel Chacon, the man accused in his ex-girlfriend's death, has a history of violence against women in Harris County dating back to 2012, according to record.

Chacon also shares a 5-month-old daughter with Gutierrez.

Pasadena police said Maira Gutierrez and Chacon were in an off-and-on two-year relationship. Both had been involved in two previous domestic violence cases with the department. Officers in those calls contacted the Harris County District Attorney's Office to file charges but they were not accepted.

"She wanted to get away from him and he always threatened her to come back. So she would go back for her baby, and this time, it just didn't happen that way," Maira Gutierrez's sister, Andrea Gutierrez, explained. "She cried for help so much, and all of the Pasadena Police Department turned her down."

"She cried for help. She cried for help and they did not help her," Puente added. "They denied her. The system failed her big time, and that's not right."

In the Sept. 1 case, Chacon called Pasadena police to report that Maira Gutierrez was driving a vehicle with their child intoxicated. It was later determined she was not, according to Pasadena police Chief Josh Bruegger.

WATCH: Pasadena PD provide update in search for man wanted in ex-girlfriend's alleged murder

In the video above, Pasadena police provide more details in the search for 35-year-old Daniel Chacon, who is accused in the death of his ex-girlfriend.

During an investigation into that case, Maira Gutierrez made allegations of an assault involving a firearm that happened several days before. Officers conducted a search of the apartment but did not find a firearm. Bruegger added that Maira Gutierrez did not want to pursue charges, but officers contacted the Harris County District Attorney's Office about potential charges, but they were declined at the time.

Authorities believe Maira Gutierrez moved out of the apartment she shared with Chacon between the first and second incident.

On Sept. 14, Maira Gutierrez went to Chacon's apartment to visit their 5-month-old daughter. She reported that Chacon grabbed her by the hair and dragged her through the apartment. She added that he had assaulted her several times in the past.

Several hours after this incident, Maira Gutierrez called Pasadena police. Officers arrived, took all her information, and tried to find the suspect but were unsuccessful. Officers contacted the district attorney's office again about charges, but they were declined and referred to family violence investigators.

"We took this very (seriously) from the beginning," Bruegger said. "We have to have victims' cooperation throughout the process and the decisions are made based on evidence."

Police believe Chacon is dangerous and may still have a gun.

"I know he's got ties to Mexico," Bruegger explained. "But I'm told that he hasn't spoken to them in a number of years."

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