This Week in Texas looks a possible TEA takeover of HISD, school safety and vouchers

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Sunday, March 5, 2023
This Week in Texas spotlights vouchers and school safety
Education is the focus of our newest episode of our political program This Week in Texas. We discuss the possibility of the state takeover of HISD.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In a new episode of ABC13's political program This Week in Texas, we look into the possibility that the largest school district in the state, HISD, will be taken over by the Texas Education Agency.

We also talk about vouchers, using public money to help parents send their children to private schools, and exploring a bill that would put emergency alert capabilities in every classroom across the state.

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The bill's sponsor, Democrat State Representative Shawn Thierry of Houston, also sits down with Eyewitness News to explain the concept.

"It's software that allows students, teachers, faculty, in the event of an active shooter or any other emergency, to immediately communicate with first responders," Thierry said.

There are also new reports of a new African-American History course and a resurgence of the popularity of HBCUs.

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