2nd-grader disciplined after bringing knife to school and threatening classmate, New Caney ISD says

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024
2nd-grader with knife at school threatened classmate: New Caney ISD
A father told ABC13 that a second-grader threatened his son with a knife at New Caney ISD's Tavola Elementary School on Monday.

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- A New Caney Independent School District father wants to know why other parents were not informed about a second-grader who brought a knife to school to threaten his son.

On Tuesday, Brandon Farris told Eyewitness News his 7-year-old son was the target of the threat allegedly made by the armed classmate.

"We got a phone call (Monday) that a kid brought a knife to school and a ring, and he was going to stab my son and give the ring to my son's girlfriend because he liked her," Farris explained. "They didn't tell any classmates, any parents. They told me they wanted to keep it on the down low."

New Caney ISD confirmed that a Tavola Elementary School student brought a pocket knife to campus and made the threat against another student on Monday.

The district added that the student didn't try to stab anyone, and another student reported the threat to the school administration.

"Discipline has been administered, according to the school district's code of conduct," the district wrote in a statement, adding it can't comment further on student disciplinary issues due to federal law.

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