Pearland shut out against Hawaii in tough 2nd Little League matchup

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022
What does ESPN think of Pearland Little League? Analysts weigh in
What does ESPN think of Pearland Little League? Analysts weigh in.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- Pearland Little League is now in survival mode after dropping its game against Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday night.

The Southwest Region champs were unable to score a run, losing 6-0.

The loss sends Pearland to the elimination bracket and a game on Tuesday against Midwest Region champs, Davenport, Iowa.

That game airs on ABC13's sister network ESPN at 6 p.m.

While the next loss sends them out of the tourney, the team still has a chance at making it to the U.S. Championship game, but the road is much tougher now.

An earlier edition of this post is below. The video above is from shortly before Monday night's game.

All eyes were on the sky because there is rain in the forecast in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Several of the Little League World Series games were delayed on Sunday due to rain.

The league planned to make up the missed games on Monday in order to get back on schedule.

ABC13 was there as the Pearland team walked to the batting cages on Monday morning.

They were all smiles and seemed in great spirits, with good reason. They got to see the Red Sox vs. Orioles game as guests of honor on Sunday.

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The coaches said the players are ready to go, but they admit there are a lot of distractions and they are trying to regain focus. They said the potential for rain doesn't help.

"We are going to stay sharp. We are going now. If the game gets called later on, we are probably going to come back again later on this afternoon and hit some more. We are going to keep the boys loose. We are going to get a good stretch in," Pearland Coach Robb Zurek said. "If we get a chance to watch some games in the middle of the day, stay active, stay awake so nobody is sitting around, but yeah, we are anxious to get back and play."

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