'I just want justice': Montrose hit-and-run suspect wanted after motorcyclist left paralyzed

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Thursday, August 24, 2023
Paralyzed motorcyclist undergoes rehab after Montrose hit-and-run
A paralyzed motorcyclist spoke only on ABC13 while going through rehab, while the suspect of a hit-and-run crash on Westheimer and South Shepherd remains on the loose.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A paralyzed man is in the hospital after police say a hit-and-run driver, who is wanted, crashed into him while he was riding his motorcycle in Montrose.

On July 23, at about 9 p.m., Isaac Syed was out on a ride, enjoying his passion, when a driver of a red Ford F-150 hit him.

According to Houston police, the hit-and-run driver turned left at the intersection of Westheimer and South Shepherd, ignoring the no-left turn sign.

"I still remember the crash vividly," Syed said. "I was aware of all the events: getting hit, looking down at my legs, and remembering they were mangled. One was on top of the other, and a good Samaritan pulled me away from my motorcycle that was on fire that night."

The 32-year-old is unsure whether he will ever be able to walk again, and his life may never return to what it once was.

"I had a fracture to my vertebra that has left me paralyzed, and it's unclear if I will walk again or not," Syed said.

Syed shared videos of him in rehab, showing how machines move his legs to keep his muscles alive as he hopes for a miracle.

"The damage is done. I am getting ready for my new lifestyle and my new way of life I have to deal with. I just want justice to be done, so I hope the driver does the right thing," Syed said.

The driver is now wanted and faces a charge of failure to render aid, which is a felony.

"I don't understand what was going through the driver's head," Syed said. "It's tough to comprehend someone would hit someone and then take off. So, I just hope they will come forward at some point and do the same thing."

If you have any information, authorities urge you to call the HPD Hit-and-Run Unit at 713-247-4072 or speak anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS for a possible $5,000 reward.

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