Montrose DWI crash suspect underwent ankle surgery and didn't tamper SCRAM device, lawyers claim

ABC13 earlier reported on documentation showing a possible bond violation against Kristina Chambers.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Porsche driver appears to violate bond in fatal Montrose wreck
Kristina Chambers, the woman accused of driving a Porsche while intoxicated during a deadly Montrose crash, may have violated a bond condition.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A hearing is slated later this week to address what prosecutors believe was a bond violation involving a woman accused of driving while intoxicated when a man was hit and killed in Houston's Montrose area.

Eyewitness News obtained documentation filed on Tuesday showing that Kristina Chambers' SCRAM ankle monitor was tampered with.

"The defendant's SCRAM device has reported one tamper event," the paperwork read, stating that the exact moment was reported to happen on May 3 at 6:52 a.m. "Alcohol is also detected during this time frame. Alcohol cannot be confirmed as consumption during this tamper event."

The bond condition violation report also states that prosecutors were notified of the apparent tampering three days later by a "SCRAM analyst."

She walked out of jail on April 27, records show.

Chambers remains free on a $50,000 bond on an intoxication manslaughter charge. A hearing is set for May 12 to discuss the matter.

Since the report early Tuesday evening, Chambers' attorney has claimed that she was in surgery for her right ankle from May 3-6 and that there was no alcohol violation.

"We have the medical records," the legal team told ABC13.

Her legal team added that paperwork was sent to the court, and a judge realized this was surgery and not a violation. Still, the hearing set for Friday may clear up what the SCRAM device picked up.

The 32-year-old was identified by investigators as the person who was driving a Porsche when it lost control and slammed into 33-year-old Joseph McMullin during the early morning of April 19. Police said McMullin was walking in the 1200 block of Westheimer when he was hit.

According to court documents, Chambers had a blood alcohol content level four times the legal limit.

Two other people were inside the sports car and also survived the crash. A woman who was unharmed and with McMullin when he died told ABC13 that they were going to get something to eat while in the middle of their first date.

McMullin's family has also filed a $1 million wrongful death suit against Chambers.

Editor's note: An earlier edition of this story incorrectly identified the SCRAM device for the Interlock ignition device.

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