Jalen Randle's family pleads with district attorney to take case back before grand jury

Thursday, July 27, 2023
Family of man killed by HPD officer pleads case go back to grand jury
The family of Jalen Randle is demanding justice after he was shot and killed by a Houston police officer in 2022.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of Jalen Randle is demanding justice after he was shot and killed by a Houston police officer last year. HPD says while Randle had a gun, that gun was in a bag.

"The family has been very patient, but the family is also very vigilant about seeking justice for their loved one, and we think that we should have to say no more because of the video. The video shows exactly what happened. The video shows that Jalen (Randle) was shot within two to three seconds after exiting the vehicle and attempted to run away," Arthur Reed, the lead investigator for Ben Crump, the family's attorney, said.

And he wasn't pointing it at officers responding to the scene. Instead, in the video, you see him running.

Thursday will mark 15 months since 29-year-old Randle was shot and killed by Officer Shane Privette at the end of a police chase in the Pleasantville area. HPD's Narcotics Division Tactical officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant on Randle, who had three felony warrants at the time, including aggravated assault of a family member.

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The body camera shows Officer Privette opening fire as soon as he told Randle to show his hands. It was only seconds before Privette shot Randle after he exited the car and was trying to run away. In the video, you even hear Privette blurt out a curse word after he shot Randle.

In April, a grand jury took no action on potential charges against Privette, leaving the case unresolved. Shortly after, the DA's office said the case would be presented to a new grand jury, but that hasn't happened yet. In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, the family and their attorney pleaded with District Attorney Kim Ogg to take the case back before a grand jury

"Three seconds is how long it took to kill my child. He left us with a little girl. This is Jayla. He gets to go home to his kids. He gets to see his kids, Officer Privette, you get to go home to your wife and to your family and to your mother to your father, but this little girl right here does not have a father anymore because Officer Shane Privette took his life," Tiffany Rachal, Randle's mom, added.

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In 2017, Privette was indicted by a grand jury in another case where he kneed a drug suspect in the face. The charge against Privette was thrown out, but a federal civil suit filed in this case remains ongoing.

ABC13 reached out to Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg's office and HPD, but we haven't heard back.

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