Acres Homes residents take care of one another during freeze

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Friday, December 23, 2022
Acres Homes residents take care of one another during freeze
With temperatures dropping, it's time to check on neighbors who may not have proper heating and insulation in their homes.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As temperatures continue to fall, many are concerned about those without proper heating and insulation.

Eyewitness News met up with seniors at the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center, which is serving as a warming center until at least Saturday afternoon.

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Many in the area, like Frank Green, are still on well water and went without safe drinking water for weeks during the February 2021 hard freeze.

"You can feel it coming in," Green said. "I was just thinking about the homeless people, I just feel for them."

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This year, residents Eyewitness News spoke with are preparing as much as they can. They're also checking on each other.

"Houston gets a lot of hurricanes. So, we've been doing the whole check on your neighbor's thing for years," Acres Homes resident Sydney Pennie said. "We have a freezer full of meat. If we have extra, we'll check, and we'll pull the BBQ pits out and make sure everybody has something to eat."

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