Mom on aftermath of toddler's lost fingertip at daycare: 'It's going to be a lifelong deformity'

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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Child Protective Services investigation: Madilyn Hurt, an infant, loses finger at Cy-Fair ISD's Early Learning Center 2
A monthslong investigation has found a Cy-Fair ISD daycare was neglectful when a door shut on a 15-month-old, causing her to lose part of her finger.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- She's not even 2 years old yet, but Madilyn Hurt is forever changed.

She'll never get back the piece of her right ring finger she lost when a door closed on it back in June at Early Learning Center Two, a daycare operated by Cy-Fair ISD.

"It's going to be a lifelong deformity," Danielle Hurt, her mother, said. "That portion of her finger will never be there again. It's gone."

A monthslong CPS investigation has now determined little Madilyn was the victim of neglectful supervision and medical neglect.

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Texas Health and Human Services, which regulates childcare licensing, required the caregiver to undergo training.

"It's part of a checklist. Anytime a child is injured, of course, they want to do training," Hurt said. "However, in this specific instance, with a child having their finger severed off, more should happen than just training."

The agency is still investigating and does have power over the daycare's future. Officials said they could eventually decide on a range of penalties, including increased monitoring and new protocol.

Meanwhile, this mother has taken her children out of the school district.

"When you send your child to school, you expect that they are going to be safe," she said. "That is the reason that I want people to know what happened because it could happen, and if it does happen, expect that they're going to say, 'Sorry, it's not our fault.'"

Eyewitness News is still waiting to hear back from Cy-Fair ISD on whether teachers or administrators will be disciplined.

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