'It can't be an accident': Mom shocked to find out toddler lost fingertip at Cy-Fair ISD day care

Saturday, July 1, 2023
Mom says child's fingertip given to her in bag at Cy-Fair ISD day care
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Child Protective Services says they are investigating an incident at a daycare after a toddler lost the tip of her finger from a closing door.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- Child Protective Services says it's investigating an incident at a day care after a toddler lost the tip of her finger from a closing door.

It happened on June 2 at the Early Learning Center 2, operated by Cy-Fair ISD.

The child, 15-month-old Madilyn, has her entire right arm in a cast after the tip of her right ring finger was severed.

Her mother, Danielle Hurt, reached out to ABC13 after she felt like the school district wasn't taking the injury seriously.

Hurt saw the surveillance video and says it showed her toddler walking in from the outside playground; a teacher, she says, wasn't paying attention and allowed the door to close while Madilyn's finger was in the doorway.

This mother believes the day care acted negligently twice.

First, she says, by allowing the door to shut on her daughter and then by not promptly calling 911 to try to reattach the finger sooner.

Instead, she says they called her to come pick up her child.

"And then they said, 'Oh, we need to give you her finger.' And I was like, 'What?' I wasn't aware that an actual good portion of her finger was in a plastic bag until I got ready to go. They did not let me know that upfront," Hurt said.

She says emergency room doctors at Texas Children's Hospital were able to reattach the finger, but sadly she says it will likely fall off.

"It will become like a life-long deformity. She'll never have that portion of her finger," Hurt said.

CPS told Eyewitness News it is investigating and will report its findings to Texas Health and Human Services, which regulates childcare licensing.

The school district says it self-reported the incident to the state, though the report is not publicly listed yet.

Cy-Fair ISD also sent ABC13 a statement that reads, in part:

"Immediately after the accident occurred, the staff administered first aid to the child and called the child's mom, who quickly arrived at the center and voluntarily transported her child to a medical facility. The incident was determined to be an accident; both the teacher and director remain employed by the district."

"This can't be an accident if a teacher allows the door to amputate a good portion of a child's finger. It can't be an accident," Hurt said.

She says she is looking into pressing charges for negligence. She wants the teacher and day care director terminated for the permanent injury to her daughter.

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