Texas agency: More drivers reporting engine problems from Chevron gas

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- At first Chevron told us they did not know what the problem was with the gas; now we know and we also know there are more than 50 people who had trouble with the fuel.

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, the agency that inspects gasoline across the state, Chevron premium fuel had unwashed gum content in it.

The state says unwashed gum content leads to sticking in valve and deposits in injectors and can cause damage to some engines. The problem was first reported to the company July 2 and Chevron than stopped selling the fuel.

Chevron tells the state that it now has 70 claims over the fuel and is now working with drivers to resolve the problems. The state is also now going to test the tanks at the stations that sold the bad fuel.

If you bought Chevron Premium Gasoline in the last few days and have a question about the fuel, call the company at 855-285-9595, or email them at cccweb@chevron.com.
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