Chevron apologizes for premium gas driver says ruined car's engine

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Chevron is now promising to make things right for customers who bought premium gas the company described as below their standards (KTRK)

There's an update on the problems with Chevron premium gasoline. We told you one Tomball man was afraid to drive his truck after the company suddenly stopped selling premium; now another driver says his car's engine was ruined by the gas. In an Eyewitness News exclusive, Chevron is now promising to make things right.

The signs were still on some gas stations on Wednesday told telling the stations cannot sell premium or mid-grade fuel, and while Chevron has not said what's wrong with the gas, one driver tells us it ruined his cars engine.

This is not Jamal Caliste's Subaru, his car is in the shop with a ruined engine.

"He said there was something in the gas that totaled my engine," said Caliste.

The Houston driver says he put Chevron premium gas in his car that was just 6 months old, and the dealership has seen another with the same problem recently. Last week, Chevron stopped selling premium and mid-grade gasoline at all its Houston locations and now Caliste wants an explanation.

"If Chevron knows there is something wrong with the gasoline they need to come forward, find out what's wrong and repair any damages that have been caused," said Caliste.

Chevron says the fuel did not meet its standards and is apologizing to customers.

"Chevron is committed to getting to the bottom of it and getting this right," said Brian Coomes Chevron District Manager.

Coomes adds the company first learned of the problem with the premium and mid-grade fuels July 2nd when drivers started complaining of performance issues.

Coomes says Chevron stopped selling the gas at all its Houston stores and is now trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with the fuel.

Coomes says any driver with concerns or who has damage caused by Chevron premium gasoline should call the company right away.

"Bottom line, you are telling me right now, if the consumer was harmed, the consumer will be made whole?" we asked.

"We are there to help the consumer," replied Coomes.

If you bought Chevron Premium Gasoline in the last few days and have a question about the fuel, call the company at 855-285-9595, or email them at

Chevron says stations are testing premium fuel tanks now and two thirds of the stations are cleared to resume selling Premium and mid-grade.
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