Looking for mid or premium-grade gas? Won't find it at all Chevron gas stations

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The company says some gas stations in the Houston area sold premium unleaded gasoline that was below 'Chevron's fuel-quality standards' and so they pulled it from the pumps (KTRK)

When you pay for premium gasoline, you expect it to be the best at the station, but that's not what some Chevron customers are saying after they paid for the high-price fuel.

Instead of premium or even mid-grade gasoline, this sign greets customers saying the stations can not sell it -- but not until some filled up and now they want to know what's wrong with the fuel.

Marshal Carpenter has a truck with a full tank of gas but he's afraid to drive it.

"Should I drive my vehicle? Should I not," asked the Tomball resident.

Carpenter says he became concerned last week after finding several Chevron gas stations unable to sell supreme or mid-grade fuel. Instead, he found only signs that did not explain the reason the fuels were off the market.

So Carpenter called the company.

"I asked her if I should drive the vehicle, she said probably not," he said.

That was Monday. A day later, the company would not say exactly what's wrong with the fuel. Instead we were told, "Some of the stations in the greater Houston area sold premium unleaded gasoline that was below Chevron's fuel-quality standards, and we believe that a limited number of customers have been inconvenienced. We are not discouraging people from driving their cars."

Carpenter isn't sure what to do.

"It's six days now, something has got to be serious for it to be that long," he said.

If you bought Chevron Premium Gasoline in the last few days and have a question about the fuel, call the company at 855-285-9595, or email them at cccweb@chevron.com.
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