Caney Creek HS student admits to discharging prank spray that sickened classmates, Conroe ISD says

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Saturday, May 6, 2023
Mischief involved in mystery odor that sickened students: Conroe ISD
A mysterious odor that overwhelmed Caney Creek High School students for two days may have come from a prank spray discharge.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- The smell that caused two days' worth of evacuations and sent six students to the hospital was a highly-concentrated prank spray that one student confessed to bringing into a high school, Conroe ISD said Friday.

While it's good to have answers, Eyewitness News is still hearing from parents who said this should have been handled better.

Sixteen-year-old Kayleigh Pate said she smelled the mysterious gas odor Wednesday and evacuated with the rest of the school. But she didn't go back Thursday.

"Yesterday, Mom kept me home because I have a headache from school," she said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Caney Creek HS will not have classes Friday amid odor that hospitalized 6 students, principal says

So, when a friend called her, saying they were evacuating again and she also wasn't feeling well, Kayleigh felt the issue needed to be escalated.

"I said, 'OK,' and called the non-emergency line and told them what was going on," Kayleigh said.

Her mom, Cecily Pate, said while she received emails in the past from the school, she never got one about the odor, evacuations, or school schedule.

"I never received an email. Some parents did. I did not," the mom said.

Kayleigh's mother now wants to know what's being done, how the school is reassuring parents the issue is fixed, and whether school will happen on Monday?

"She's not going back to that school until I know that it's cleared," Cecily Pate said.

ABC13 emailed and called Conroe ISD to get those questions and others answered. The school said Friday, one student confessed to bringing in a prank stink spray.

"It's an irritant similar to a pepper spray that was discharged through the building," Caney Creek Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly said.

The school hasn't told ABC13 why they chose to bring students back Wednesday despite not knowing the source. The district, however, said it's working with the district attorney's office and looking at the student code of conduct to determine repercussions.

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