Grieving mother of Bay City HS student killed in crash demands answers

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Saturday, September 11, 2021
Grieving mother talks about Bay City crash which killed 2 students
A Bay City family is demanding answers as to how school staff didn't see students leave campus moments before a devastating crash.

BAY CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Bay City family is demanding answers as to how school staff did not see students leave campus moments before a devastating crash.

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Three Bay City High School students left campus on Aug. 19 during lunch and were headed to McDonald's. A report said about a minute after they left, the driver crashed on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The violent impact killed the teen driver and 16-year-old Matthew Loredo.

According to the district's policy handbook, seniors and second semester juniors are permitted to leave campus for lunch with their student ID. No other students are allowed to leave campus for lunch. Matthew was a sophomore.

"I love him so much," said Matthew's grieving mother, Viola Loredo. "I know he knows I'm doing the right thing. My son has a big heart. He wouldn't want this to happen to any other student, or a parent to go through this heartache. All of this could've been prevented. The second day of school, the last day of school ... my son, I should have him today. All for the mistake of the school not checking, not being prepared."

Viola said her son made a mistake, but she's especially upset with school administrators.

In a letter from the district provided to ABC13 by the family, it said no campus administrator was aware the students left. A disciplinary matter with another student delayed an administrator from getting to her post. The three students had already left the parking lot.

"It just needs to change," said Brandy Juarez, a close family friend. "They think that they have immunity, that it's OK. No, she's mourning her son for a mistake that that school made. We're mad. We're so mad because a lot of things could have went a different way and been prevented. Our angel could've been here."

Bay City ISD provided a statement to Eyewitness News when asked for a comment on the tragedy.

"Bay City ISD was made aware of the accident very shortly after it happened on Aug. 19, 2021. The Bay City Police Department investigated the accident and may be able to provide more specific details about the circumstances surrounding the collision. BCISD is still mourning the loss of the two students involved. The District conducted an investigation and has provided a report of the outcome of that investigation to the parents involved. The District cannot comment further on the specifics of the investigation without the written consent of the students' parents. At the time of the accident, only senior students were permitted to leave campus for lunch; however, Bay City High School has indefinitely paused its off-campus lunch program as we determine whether allowing any students to leave for lunch will be permitted moving forward."

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