Thief steals credit cards from gym lockers at fitness centers

January 18, 2012 4:23:56 PM PST
Friendswood police have surveillance video they hope will help them catch a man who has been stealing from lockers while people work out at the gym. They believe he may be hitting more than one location.

Gyms like the 24 Hour Fitness in Friendswood often warn members there's no guarantee their valuables will be safe, even if they're put away in a secure locker.

"I lock them in my truck," said gym member George Carr. "I don't take my watch or my cell phone or my billfold in there."

Bringing that point home is an unidentified man, who's now wanted by Friendswood police. He was caught on a surveillance camera walking into a Target store after investigators say he broke into someone's gym locker at a 24 Hour Fitness on FM 528 and stole a credit card. The suspect could be seen buying a 40-inch flat screen TV. Police are carefully reviewing the footage.

Friendswood Police Chief Robert Wieners said, "I think he's probably going to be connected to a series of thefts that are occurring in gyms or workout facilities."

It's happened at least one other time at the same 24 Hour Fitness. Police aren't sure how the suspect is getting into the gym, since members are required to check in at the front desk. Patrons we talked to say they'll start taking the necessary precautions.

"People have the opportunity or whatever and they are nefarious enough. I guess people do what they do," said gym member Richie Reeves. "But if you're not naive and lock your stuff up, you shouldn't have a problem."

Police say someone out there knows who the man in the video is. Investigators think he may not have been acting alone. We also contacted 24 Hour Fitness for a comment and are awaiting a response.