Companies to get paid to hire the unemployed

January 19, 2010 4:33:37 PM PST
Finding a job is not easy right now, but that may change soon, thanks to a plan that will benefit employers. It could be just the thing to get people back to work Many of the details are still being worked out, but we do know the state has set aside $15 million that would give money to employers who hire those looking for work.

"I come from a family where I was taught to work hard for what you need, to work hard for your family and right now, I cannot see," said Elias Sanchez, who is currently on the job hunt. "I can't see a way out."

At one local Workforce Solutions office, nearly 1,000 people a day come in, hoping to find a permanent job.

"I have been registered with the Texas Workforce Commission for six months, in and out of jobs, so I just keep coming here all the time," said Desmond Damier, who's also looking for a job.

While Damier has found temporary work, a permanent position has been harder to find. But that may change soon because the state of Texas is about to spend $15 million over the next two years, paying employers to hire people.

"It'll help defray the cost of training and the cost of wages so that if they were deciding whether or not post a job with us or have jobs, this will help defray the cost," said Meriel Sweet with Texas Workforce Solution.

The program is open to business large and small. In a pilot program, it placed workers in the construction, engineering and hotel industries. There may be added incentives for companies that keep their new hires beyond 120 days. Business leaders say that's enough time for a new hire to prove themselves and enough time to figure out if the new position should become permanent.

It's enough time for Jamillah Lind, who's currently out of work.

"I pretty much would be in the job for good, because once they see how well I work for the first few months, it is in the bag from there," he said.

Any businesses interested in finding out more about the Texas Back to Work program can do that by getting in touch with Texas Workforce Solutions.