Action 13 goes to work after NW Houston residents find Christmas trees illegally dumped

ByKaren Alvarez KTRK logo
Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Action 13 gets to bottom of Christmas tree dumping in retention pond
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The symbol of the holidays in a lot of homes found dumped illegally. Fed-up residents got Action 13 on the case. What happened was anything short of a true Christmas miracle.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Residents in part of northwest Houston are fed up after they say a big part of the area has become a major dumping site.

Steven Capps occasionally takes walks along the area near Fairbanks Road, and he was worried about how the latest dump of Christmas trees would affect the wildlife. He's not the only one. Other residents expressed concerns as well.

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Just a drive along the Fairbanks stretch of road, and commuters are sure to have an eyesore from seeing all the piles and piles of trash.

A viewer, who did not want to give his full name, told ABC13 he frequents the area. So when he came across all of the Christmas trees and noticed they carried a Lowes price tag, he reached out to the store, alerting them of the issue.

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"The store told me they still had their trees, so it wasn't their trees," the viewer said.

He claims the store didn't do anything about it. But it wasn't until ABC13 got involved that we finally got a response from the store.

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A spokesperson for Lowes told Eyewitness News:

Upon learning of this isolated occurrence, the store moved quickly to relocate and repurpose the trees-which is in line with best practices.

A couple of hours after we reached out, our cameras captured the moment some of the trees were being cleaned up. Law enforcement said an investigation is already underway.