Northeast Houston neighbors tired of pile of trash on their street: 'Why is all that junk there?'

The pile of trash stretches out almost a block. Neighbors say it's people from other parts of town who come and dump their stuff

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Neighbors tired of piles of trash in Kashmere Gardens
Neighbors in a northeast Houston neighborhood said they're tired of people illegally dumping trash on their street. Now, the trash is piling up.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors in a northeast Houston neighborhood said they are tired of people illegally dumping trash on their street. Because of that, the trash is now piling up.

A pile of trash has been growing for weeks in Kashmere Gardens at 3800 Sayers Street, according to neighbors.

"It's trash. Why is all that junk there? It should be removed," said resident Chatina Thompson. "We'll flash our lights and sometimes they'll run off. Other times they'll be like, 'Oh well, I'm just going to leave this here.' It's the 'hood and they won't get caught. That's why."

Some neighbors say the pile is a growing concern.

"It's dangerous because a lady just came through and almost had an accident because there's so much trash out there," added resident Latisha Davis.

Claudetta Wallace owns a daycare nearby. She has filed multiple 311 reports and got an email back on Saturday, saying the case had been resolved.

"I was happy. I even told others, 'Oh, that trash is going to be gone on Monday when we get here.' I'm so disappointed to see from the officials that it was a lie. Nothing was cleared up," Wallace said.

A Houston City Council District B representative confirmed reports have been filed. But nobody seems to know why it was ever labeled as "Complete."

The next step, according to District B, is to send over an emergency service team this week. Meanwhile, neighbors are watching and waiting for the problem to be resolved.

"I will keep bugging them because this causes rodents. I don't need rodents in my facility. I have children. I have babies," Wallace said. "I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. Can they do what they're supposed to do?"

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