Feds announce Houston arrests in an assortment of violent crimes

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Thursday, October 14, 2021
Feds announce Houston arrests in an assortment of violent crimes
Houston's rising violent crime rate has been well-documented. Now, local and federal agencies combined for a major announcement.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In an illustration of how violent offenders in Houston are being prosecuted to the oft-mentioned fullest extent, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Harris County announced federal arrests of suspects, many with prior convictions, across an assortment of cases, including the detainment of three people on Thursday in a deadly narcotics robbery.

Acting U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery was joined by leaders from Houston police, the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the FBI, the ATF, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration for an announcement billed ahead of time as a "significant event."

The cases announced during the afternoon event are unrelated to each other, but hold common characteristics, including that many of the people arrested had committed crimes in the past.

Many of the arrests were for felon in possession of a firearm, something that Lowery said her office is working in collaboration with the Harris County District Attorney's Office to prosecute.

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Here were the cases that Lowery announced:

Group accused of killing victim during a stash house robbery

Three men from Houston - Charles Dawson, 42; Damon Randolph, 47; and Kiyon Marshal, 40 - were arrested Thursday accused of shooting and killing a person as they stole money and drugs from what the acting U.S. Attorney described as a "stash house."

A fourth person, 36-year-old Curtis Sandel, is in custody in connection with the killing and expected to be transferred to federal authorities.

All were scheduled to appear before a U.S. magistrate judge on Thursday.

They were charged with robbery, conspiracy to distribute narcotics and discharging a firearm resulting in death.

They all face up to life in prison, if convicted.

21-year-old federally indicted in carjacking from 2 years ago

Iveon Gallaspie was indicted by a federal grand jury for an Oct. 16, 2019 carjacking that was originally indicted in state court. Lowery said he had allegedly committed another violent crime as the state was in the process of prosecuting the carjacking.

He faces up to life in federal prison on charges of carjacking and brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

IRS agents investigating identity theft shot at

The announced presence of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration was unclear until Lowery mentioned an incident she says involved convicted felon opening fire at IRS agents.

According to the acting U.S. Attorney, 27-year-old Earnest Taylor, who is banned from possessing a firearm, is accused of opening fire at the agents on Aug. 24. The agents were trying to serve a summons to Taylor for aggravated identity theft.

Taylor, who is charged with illegally possessing the firearm and assault of a federal officer, faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

June robberies of "safe" businesses

Two men also face significant federal prison time for using a firearm during crimes committed at a Subway and a Family Dollar, two places that Lowery said should be safe places.

The men charged are 19-year-old Frederick Crouts and 24-year-old Donvonte Wallace.

They face 20 years for the robbery and an additional minimum of seven years for the firearms charges.

Others charges for firearm possession

Lowery also listed two other men who are facing federal prison, if they're convicted.

Sergio Cabrera, 28, and Jordan Allen, 29, were charged with unlawfully possessing firearms.

FULL VIDEO: U.S. Attorney's Office on violent crimes arrests made in Houston

The office of acting U.S. Attorney Jennifer Lowery hosted a "significant event" Thursday that includes leaders from Houston police, FBI, and ATF.

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