Man accused of murdering aunt and grandmother in NW Harris Co. faces judge for first time

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Friday, November 17, 2023
Disturbing details revealed for man charged in aunt, grandma's murders
It was revealed in court that the 25-year-old is also accused of mutilating part of his grandmother's body after she was killed. Officials cleared out the courtroom and brought him in alone overnight.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- More disturbing details were revealed when a 25-year-old man accused of murdering his aunt and grandma in northwest Harris County appeared in probable cause court overnight.

Tyler Langdon is charged with capital murder (multi-murder).

Officials cleared out the courtroom and brought him in alone when he appeared before the judge. This is unusual because suspects normally appear in probable cause court amongst other individuals accused of crimes. Deputies stood on each side of him during his appearance.

Harris County sheriff's deputies were called to an abandoned Chase bank on Wortham Boulevard around 11 p.m. on Wednesday night. There, they found a 66-year-old woman dead with multiple gunshot wounds -- the suspect's grandma. It was revealed in court on Friday that Langdon is also accused of mutilating part of her body.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Man arrested after his aunt and grandmother were found murdered in NW Harris Co., sheriff says

A 12-year-old girl called 911 and said a 25-year-old relative shot her mother and grandmother, deputies said. The women were found dead at two separate scenes.

As deputies investigated the woman's murder, a 911 call came in from a 12-year-old relative of Langdon from a home on Deep Meadow Drive, where the victims lived. The two scenes are about four miles apart.

"Officers then became aware of a call for service from 911 in which a 12-year-old female reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a person, later identified as the defendant, and that the defendant had shot her mother and her grandmother," prosecutors read in court. "The 12-year-old stated that the murders occurred sometime around midnight, and that the defendant was currently sleeping in her, the 12-year-old's, bed."

When deputies arrived at the house on Deep Meadow Drive, they rescued the 12-year-old girl and found her 42-year-old mother dead in a bedroom.

Langdon then surrendered, deputies said. He was reportedly armed with a 9 mm handgun and a pocket knife when he was arrested.

Prosecutors said Langdon later confessed to killing his grandmother and aunt in an interview with investigators.

Deputies said there have been numerous calls for service at the residence in the past. Langdon was previously charged with criminal trespass.

According to his public defender, Langdon is not currently employed and has a long history of noted mental health concerns that require medication.

The magistrate judge did not make a decision about Langdon's bond during the appearance -- she deferred the decision to a district court. Now, Langdon's bond and bond conditions will be determined in Judge Josh Hill's courtroom.

The judge did, however, issue an emergency order of protection for the suspect's 12-year-old relative.

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