Texas power generators must submit report on winter plans today

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Friday, December 3, 2021
Texas weatherization due 9 months after deadly winter storm
With the Texas governor guaranteeing no repeats of the winter storm disaster, the state's power operators were given a deadline to weatherize their systems.

Today is the deadline for Texas power companies to explain what they have done to prevent another disaster like last February's winter storm and power grid failure.

According to Texas health officials, 210 people died during the freeze between Feb. 11 and March 5 when thousands of households were without power across the state.

Power companies must submit reports outlining how they plan to continue operating during the upcoming winter months.

The reports should be submitted Wednesday to the Texas utility regulators, and are required to include information like the exact temperatures at which the power plants can continue operating, and also any training information provided about cold weather preparations.

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In addition to the report, companies are also required to fix any acute issues that happened during the winter freeze.

ABC13 spoke to the CEO of Energy Ogre, who says these companies have been forced to do a lot of improvements to their systems since the freeze. In his opinion, he thinks the state is in a better place than one year ago.

"I think folks are not going to get caught quite as flat footed as they did before. We have more and different kinds of resources that are available this year versus last year," Jesson Bradshaw said. "And I think a lot of people went back through and looked at, what risks do they have? What small kinds of exposures do they have? And how can they fix those?"

ERCOT says it will be conducting inspections to enforce the reports.

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