Big Astros fan, big Astros 'do: Superfan's mohawk stands out

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Big Astros fan, big Astros hairdo
This hair-raising display of superfandom is a stand-up example of the love the 'Stros have!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There are fans, and then there are super Astros fans. One of them being none other than Houston's own Tomekia Chaisson.

Born and raised in Houston, Chaisson grew up playing baseball and watching the Astros. These last three years have been a ride for her, and now that the Astros are in their second World Series in three years, she's even more excited.

"This has been the most exciting series. For them to be where they are now, I just can't wait," said Chaisson.

What makes her stand out from the rest of her fellow fans is her hair, which she has been perfecting for years. Her mohawk-style 'do stands high, with the Astros' "H" on both sides.

"When I first did my hair, somebody asked, 'Can you put in the Astros in your hair?' I was like, 'Let's just try and see.'"

And she did.

It only takes Chaisson about 30 minutes to put it together and says it's all natural.

"People were like, 'Is that your hair?' I was like, 'Yes, it's all mine.' 'It's not a hair piece?' 'No, it's all mine.' 'Who did it?' 'I did,'" Chaisson said proudly.

She says it's her way of showing just how big of a fan she is.

"When you're a fan and get to go out and get to enjoy, and I get to use my hair to show how big of a fan I am, it makes it more fun," she said.

She won't give away her secret as to how she does it, and she hopes people can simply enjoy seeing it. She's also hoping for a chance to go to a game and cheer on the 'Stros at Minute Maid Park.

"I'm ready to cheer crazy again," said Chaisson.


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