Texans surprise fans by unveiling their new jersey on 67-foot-tall Sam Houston statue in Huntsville

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Texans unveil 200 Lb deep blue jersey on the Sam Houston statue
The Houston Texans debuted their 2024 uniforms on Tuesday and unveiled the new jersey on the Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Texans debuted their highly anticipated new uniforms on Tuesday and surprised fans with a monumental unveiling of their jerseys.

The Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas underwent a makeover shortly after the team's uniform release party.

The historic landmark, which stands about 70 feet high, including a 10-foot base, and towers over I-45, was repping the team's new gear in a custom uniform.

Crews began working at 6 a.m. to give Sam Houston his new oversized jersey, which weighs about 200 pounds.

On Tuesday, four new versions were released: the aforementioned road uniform, home, Battle Red, and Homage to H-Town.

The eight-story-tall statue was repping the deep, dark blue jersey, which had notable differences from its traditional style.

The updated hue is similar to the old Oilers colors, which went with the team when they left Houston for Tennessee and became the Titans. The ever-popular, and now nostalgic, Columbia Blue was a staple of the Oilers' threads.

On March 18, some unauthorized photos of the white road uniforms showed up online, featuring Deep Steel blue pants and horns swooping horizontally around the shoulders on the jerseys.

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ABC13 Sports Anchor Greg Bailey was in SkyEye was above the unavoidable landmark, where the Houston Texans Cheerleaders, Toro, and fans were witnessing the big reveal.

Bailey noted that crews used cranes to dress Sam Houston and fans were in awe of the Texas-sized Texans gear.

ABC13 Reporter Brandon Hamilton was on the ground and spoke to fans who stopped at the landmark after spotting the giant jersey.

Jackie James told Hamilton that she just had to stop when she saw the Toro van heading toward the Sam Houston statue.

"I told my son, 'I don't care. I'm stopping. I see that van. There's something going on, today is the reveal of the new jersey. I'm going,'" James said, adding that she's the team's number one fan.

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