Houston Texans fans' reaction mixed on new season 23 uniforms: 'We look like Falcons, dawg'

Team CEO Cal McNair gave a sneak peek on Reddit while promising more in April.

ByMatt Guillermo KTRK logo
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Texans brass gives sneak peek of new uniforms, but fans mixed on it
Houston Texans CEO Cal McNair offered a sneak peek of the team's new uniforms for the 2024 NFL season, the franchise's 23rd in the league.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Texans got an ideal headstart in entering a new era last season when C.J. Stroud and DeMeco Ryans propelled an AFC South championship.

So, anything new has to have a new aesthetic. Whether that window dressing raves with the fanbase, though, is something that won't come immediately.

The franchise's CEO, Cal McNair, took to his preferred platform, Reddit, to reveal a photo of wide receivers Tank Dell and Nico Collins in gear that wasn't seen in 2023.

"Leaked pic? How about a real photo of Nico and Tank!?" McNair captioned on the team's r/Texans Reddit in response to early unauthorized photos of the jerseys.

The look is hard to explain in words. However, the main takeaways were the horns that swoop horizontally - rather than vertically - around the shoulders above the sleeves and a new number typeface.

McNair promised, "more to come in April," while the team's non-Reddit social media platforms said, "Cal droppin' bombs."

Did fans think Houston dropped bombs or bombed completely with the team's most significant fashion departure in two decades?

Users responding to the team's post on X, formerly known as Twitter, weren't too thrilled with what the 32nd NFL franchise produced.

"I give them a 6.9 out of 10," X user @TexansCommenter graded.

"Should've kept the old ones," X user @CookedByRiley0 added before conceding, "These ones are decent, though."

"Not a fan of these," @BeerBellySport thought. "Shoulder horns looks weird as hell."

"Please go back to the drawing board," X user @bigb_1098 quipped.

The biggest indictment on the switch may be what team the Texans may have carbon-copied.

"We look like falcons dawg," @JalenGreenClaps posted.

"Falcons?" X user @nateedl3 piggy-backed.

And the most straightforward of these Atlanta Falcons comparisons came from @HectorJLopezJr, who posted an image to go along with: "The uniform looks like this uniform."

But where there is dissatisfaction, there was some positive reaction.

"I like the blue-white, blue-white. These look dope. And if y'all don't like em, guess what? 3 more coming in April, and we already know they're all different concepts. I love this team!" @Stroud2Tank 723 posted.

"These are clean. Yall trippin," @alan__s66 added.

Nevertheless, @ChuckSportsApp may have given the best assessment of the uniforms, given the mixed response.

"Probably one of those things where you love it or you hate it," the X user said.

Eyewitness Sports hasn't gotten much more information on the jersey reveal. ABC13 reported within the last two years that a rebrand was in the works, with some teasing of the team adopting a lighter hue of blue reminiscent of the Oilers, which would have been tough to pull off given the Tennessee Titans have sent a cease-and-desist warning to the UH Cougars.

ABC13 sports director Greg Bailey may be the only person at Eyewitness News to know what's in store for April.

"Not kidding when he says 'Way more to come in April,'" Bailey posted on Monday. "I got to see the full package and I'm a big fan."

Editor's note: Greg Bailey has not revealed any visuals or a description with the ABC13 Digital Team, saying he was sworn to secrecy.

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