'Rally nuns' now have a shirt, and the proceeds will help their mission

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
You now can wear the 'rally nuns' on a T-shirt
The rally nuns can now stay with Astros fans wherever they go - literally!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After giving Astros fans something to smile about, the "rally nuns" are forever immortalized with a T-shirt that will be used to help their mission.

For the third time this postseason, the Astros' angels in the outfield looked on high above Minute Maid Park.

The "rally nuns," as they're known, have been a sensation during the postseason.

One even threw a first pitch.

Now the nuns have their own T-shirt.

"Everybody says, 'Where do you get them?'" said Jay Matlock, administrator of the Facebook group Houston Astros Nation.

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The people behind Houston Astros Nation created the shirt, which you can find on their website.

It features three nuns within home plate with the words "rally nuns."

"We watch the games," designer Jacob Morgan explained. "We have the conversation, like, 'Hey, what can we do? What can we throw out there?' Didn't really expect this to take off."

The nuns normally live a quiet life at their southwest Houston church campus.

It changed this month when Mattress Mack gave the sisters tickets to the game.

After appearing on the Jumbotron and leading a comeback earlier this postseason, the nuns have become a sensation at the ballpark.

The attention, and now T-shirt, is overwhelming.

"Oh, my. Sisters on a shirt? People would actually wear that? We're so impressed," Sister Marie Therese said.

People won't only wear the shirts, they're going to help the nuns.

The designer plans to donate money to the nuns from each purchase.

"It's just kind of a way that we could not make any money off the shirts, but be able to give it back to the church and have them do what they need to do with it," Morgan explained.

After giving so much to the community, and Astros fans, the move hit home for the nuns.

"That's very humbling for us," Therese said. "We're very grateful that people would donate proceeds to us. It really helps with our mission."

It's a mission normally found in church pews, and classrooms, but lately, the assignment is rallying the Astros.

A joy fans can now wear, and help the nuns at the same time.

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