Houston apartment complex residents frustrated they're still without hot water after February freeze

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Friday, June 11, 2021
Mom says her kids haven't had a hot bath since February freeze
Jessica Gonzalez said she's been patient for long enough. Here's what she and other residents at the apartment complex hope to get in return for management's lack of answers.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston mother of two kids with autism already has her hands full, but ever since the February freeze, she has not been able to give her children a hot shower in their own home.

"For my kids, we've been boiling water so they can take baths," said Jessica Gonzales, who lives at The Abbey at Jones Road apartment complex with her husband and two kids. "We've also been having to ask family members if we can go shower in their homes."

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The entire family has lived without hot water since the storm, with occasional water pressure issues as well. Initially, the couple, along with other residents, were patient. They said they knew plumbers and supplies were scarce across the state.

"We've been patient for a long time," Gonzales said. "We've been messaging with (management), and all we get is the run-around. 'We're working on it, we're working on it.'"

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In fact, there is mounting frustration in the complex.

ABC13 spoke with several residents, all of whom have had water issues. They range from intermittent hot water to low water pressure.

"I take showers with cold water," said Jesus Nevarro, a resident. "You wake up."

Another resident said she has been boiling water for about a month to bathe.

ABC13 reached out to a manager at the apartment complex's corporate offices. The representative admitted the building has had water issues, but insisted it was not as widespread or as long lasting.

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He pointed out there are workers on site currently trying to replace the pipes. For many older complexes, often fixing one plumbing problem leads to finding another.

"They should give us a reimbursement or a discount or something on the rent," said Gonzales. "It's an issue that's popped up multiple times on the internal neighborhood comment boards for the complex."

The corporate representative said they have discussed the possibility of a rent discount or refund. He told ABC13 that management will look at the issue once the water problem is fully fixed.

As for Gonzalez and her family, she said she just wants some answers and the ability to take a hot shower whenever her children want.

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"It is very stressful," she said. "I'm not sleeping. I'm barely eating."

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