Woman hospitalized after road rage shooting on 288

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A husband and father of two says his family is recovering after being shot at during a road rage incident Sunday night.

The father, who did not want to be identified by name, showed Eyewitness News shrapnel wounds on his back, his legs, and his arm. He and his wife, their two boys -- ages 10 and 11 -- were traveling back home from attending the Monster Truck show at NRG stadium when the incident occurred.

The family's van was driving east on S. MacGregor and making a turn to 288 northbound.

"We were passing them. They did not want people passing them, so they shot at us," he said. "My son and wife were both hit, I was hit."

The man says the driver of at least one of the cars fired the bullets hitting his family van several times. Both he and his kids were grazed, while his wife suffered the most serious injuries.

"My wife was shot in the wrist, the bullet was lodged in her palm, so they had to do emergency surgery," he said. "She got out of surgery at 1:30 this morning."

The victim described the two cars involved as slab cars, a very specific type of car that grew out of Houston's hip-hop culture. Slab cars are usually older U.S. cars that are painted a glossy, bright color. The rims generally protrude out and are called elbows -- or a number of other names.

The cars in the road rage, according to the dad, were glossy burgundy in color, with extended rims. Police are searching for the drivers now. The father says he just feels lucky that his family is still with him.

"There was some divine intervention there because if you match up where the bullet holes are and who got hit, it looked like it should have been worse," he added. null
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