2 more victims of alleged cop killers' crime spree speak out: 'I knew he would pull the trigger'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The two men arrested in connection to a double shooting that took the life of a New Orleans police detective may have been on a crime spree that day.

Investigators said Frederick Jackson and Anthony Jenkins were robbing people in The Galleria area before the shooting on Aug. 21 at The Grotto Ristorant on Westheimer Road.

The robbery victims spoke with ABC13 on Friday, but asked us to conceal their identities for their safety, since police said the suspects are gang affiliated.

They said the robbery, which happened in broad daylight, was scary although they survived it.

"They pulled up on me while I was trying to get in the car. So, I didn't know what was going on. I think I panicked and ran," one man said.

The other victim said one of the suspects pulled out a weapon.

"Another guy ran up to me and put a gun to my face and said, 'Just be still and everything will be alright,'" he said.

Those two victims were robbed at gun point along a quiet residential road near The Galleria on the day of the deadly shooting.

"He was telling him [to] take all of his jewelry off, everything out of his pockets,"' said a victim.

The other victim listed the things the thieves took.

"[A] wrist watch, bag, and I had a cross body bag," he said. "My wallet was in there, my car keys, house keys, and my phone."

The man who tried to run fell on the ground and had the scars to show for it.

"I'm glad I fell, actually," he said.

That may have allowed the robbers to get what they wanted and kept him from dealing with worse wounds.

"Right after I got robbed, when he left, he said, "You're lucky I didn't shoot your [expletive].' Then they left."

Though they didn't see the robbers' faces, one man said he did recognize the clothes and a car broadcasted Saturday night after the deadly shooting at The Grotto.

"When I saw the news, that was the car that burned off," the victim said. "As far as the guys, all I saw was one black hoodie and a white hoodie. The guys that robbed us, one had a white hoodie and one had a black hoodie. So, I kind of put it together. I said, 'Those are the guys.'"

Beyond that description, he said there was also something he saw in the thieves' eyes.

"When he told me to be still, I knew that he was not playing," said the victim. "I knew that he would pull the trigger. There was no doubt by what I saw in his eyes. So, I just froze."

Jackson and Jenkins are facing aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and capital murder charges.

Knowing that now, the victims said they are grateful to have lost a couple thousand dollars, but not their lives.

"Justice belongs to God. That's it. I'm blessed I'm alive," said one of the victims.

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