Tire dumping ground in Fifth Ward becoming problematic for residents

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There are hundreds of tires dumped on a Fifth Ward street and residents say they are sick of it. Erica Hubbard lives near the eyesore.

"Why is this the option? If you are someone that is paid to dump tires, why is this the option?" Hubbard asked.

She says her calls to 311 haven't gotten results on what is a health and environmental hazard.

"Our elected officials should care more when we have these issues," Hubbard said.

Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen says tire dumping is a huge problem.

"When you have debris like that just being thrown out there, it affects the quality of life, causes problems for property values. People think that's a place to dump things, so more people dump tires or debris," said Rosen.

He's overseeing a city and countywide program with 125 cameras at undisclosed locations to catch illegal dumping. He says charges are based on the weight of what's been dumped.

If the same person is responsible for this, he says they'll face a felony and he promises to catch them.

Sandra Flowers is with the Greater Fifth Ward Stakeholder Partnerships and says it's not just this street in the Fifth Ward being used as a dumping ground.

"We have entrances and exits to all the major freeways, I walk to downtown from my house, I can see downtown from my front yard. We have all the amenities. We just don't have the services, because someone else is going to get those services. They're squeezing us out," said Flowers.

She says it's time for action.

"We've been begging, screaming, hollering, everything and we get ignored," said Flowers.

Houston Department of Public Works says the city's Solid Waste Management handles illegal dumping. Solid Waste sent crews out Wednesday and has the site cleaned up. Precinct 1 Constable's Office is investigating who may be responsible for the dumping.

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