$36.6 M water line project in Montrose to help increase water capacity

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Thursday, December 8, 2022
Up to $25M needed to fix Houston's aging water lines, council says
"We were being overwhelmed." Water main breaks are happening more and more often, city councilmembers said. They believe it's a direct result of serious drought.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Work kicked off in October on a water line project along four Montrose-area streets.

The project involves adding a 72-inch water line to the city of Houston's southwest pump station to increase water capacity, according to Markos Mengesha, interim assistant director of capital projects with the city of Houston, during an Oct. 11 presentation.

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The project is part of Houston's long-range water supply plan, Mengesha said.

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Phase 1 will run through the end of 2022 and focus on the north side of Branard Street from Greenbriar Drive to Woodhead Street, the west side of Woodhead from Kipling Street to Branard, and the north side of Kipling from Woodhead to Mount Vernon Street.

Phase 2 will take place over the first half of 2023 and focus on Greenbrair from Branard to Richmond Avenue and the south side of Kipling from Dunlavy Street to Mount Vernon.

Phase 3 will run from summer 2023 through early 2024 and focus on parts of Branard from Greenbriar to Woodhead and Kipling from Woodhead to Dunlavy. The final phase will take place in the first half of 2024 and focus on the east side of Woodhead from Kipling to Branard.

Work began this past summer on a separate but related project east of Mount Vernon to install the 72-inch line in parts of Midtown.

The project will be carried out by contractor Main Lane Industries at the cost of $36.6 million. Residents in the project area may experience service interruptions in water or waste water service for several hours when lines are transferred over. In those cases, they will receive notice from the contractor 72 hours in advance.

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