Loaded concrete truck falls through Montgomery County bridge with 4-ton weight limit

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Thursday, September 14, 2023
Bridge collapses under heavy truck in Montgomery County
A massive loaded concrete truck has crushed a wooden bridge in Montgomery County. In the video above, we detail how this impacts the community.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- After a massive concrete truck full of cement crushed a wooden bridge in Montgomery County, Eyewitness News is looking more into how this happened and its impact on the community.

The crash happened in the Walnut Cove neighborhood at the intersection of Maywood and Sassafras. ABC13 was the only station at the neighborhood spectacle.

"It's a mess, a mess," resident Natasha Ojeda said.

It happened just before 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

"I just (saw) the truck, and it was insane," resident Jessi Broughten said.

A bridge, clearly marked with a four-ton weight limit, was crushed by a concrete truck and sunk right in the middle.

"They say you can put two cars on there, but everyone always just goes one at a time," Ojeda said.

According to the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association, a loaded concrete truck weighs around 20 tons. The crashed truck had concrete in it, and some leaked into the water below. Hazmat teams were on hand in case the water or sewer lines next to the bridge were damaged.

Residents said it's a hassle to lose the bridge, but it doesn't block anyone in.

"I live on this side of the bridge, and she lives on the other, and she babysits for me, so now I have to go around each time to go to work," Broughten said

DPS said they can't cite the driver for the incident because the bridge is privately owned. The HOA said they are talking with their lawyers about whether they will take civil action.

"It looks like more than four tons with that much damage because now the bridge is completely gone," Broughten said.

Eyewitness News called Nelson Concrete, the company name on the truck, but they hung up when we identified ourselves.

According to law enforcement, the driver is OK and is working with investigators.

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